My name is Veronica.
my nickname is Totti.
Iím twelve years old. Iím not very tall, my hair is brown
and my eyes are blue.
My dad is called Claudio, my motherís name is Emanuela
My brothers are called Tommaso and Gabriele.
I live in Gonars

I like volleyball and I’m good at it.
Iím a good student and  Iím good at basketball.
I can swim, dive and ride a bike
but I canít play football, play the piano or sing.
I like music and dance but I donít like books or homework.
I wake up at 7.05, I have breakfast at 7.30 and I go to school at 7.45.
My lessons start at 8.05 and finish at 14.05 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, at 13.05 on Wednesday
and at 12.05 on Saturday.
This is enough about me... by now!