Hi, I’m Lorenzo.
I’ m eleven years old. I have grey eyes, fair straight hair.
I’m an only child.
I live in Castello, a small village near Porpetto.
My favourite foods are pizza, chicken and chips.
My favourite colour is yellow. My favourite pet is the bird.
I have one dog, it is called Pimpa, and two cats.
I practice sailing and judo. I like playing the guitar.
I can swim but I can’t play volleyball.
My best friend is Gianmarco.
I get up at five past seven and my lesson finishes at two o’clock.
In the afternoon I do my homework and ride my bike.
I have dinner at quarter to 7.
In the evening I play computer games and I read H.P.
I love Harry Potter!!
At ten o’ clock I go to bed.
My mum is Nadia, she is 37.
She is a teacher and she works in S. Giorgio.
My dad’s name’s Luigi. He’s 41.
He works in a consultation company.
He is very nice.