My nameís Gianmarco.
I’m 11 years old. I live in Corgnolo,
a little village near Udine.
My mumís name is Cinzia. Sheís a primary teacher.
My dad is Gianni. Heís  a manager in a big shop.
I also have 1 brother, his name is Giacomo.
My favourite colour is red. I have 3 dogs.
I like sport very much. I can play volleyball, I can swim
 and Iím a good footballer.
I usually listen to music. I like BLINK 182 or Zucchero.
I like English, German, P.E. and Arts.
My favourite foods are fish and chips, pasta, meat but I donít like vegetables very much.
My best friend is Lorenzo. I go to school with him,
at the ?Nazario Sauro?, in Porpetto.